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Gift Set - A Mandarin Handmade Salt Soap & Bath Salts

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  • Create a gift set with a bar of our award-winning Mandarin handmade salt soap and a tin of bath salts 
  • save 16% on the regular price.

SCENT: Fresh and citrusy with grounding woody notes

Buy two award-winning handmade products together and save £3.80 on the regular price.

A full-size Handmade Soap and tin of Bath Salts scented with our popular essential oil combination: Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary & Cedar - Fruity and citrus, but with grounding woody notes. 


Mandarin Handmade Salt Soap:

Our award-winning Salt Soap is infused with Himalayan Salt to create a long-lasting luxurious spa bar. 

Mandarin Bath Soak:

This Bath Soak is a hand-blended combination of Epsom Salt, Sicilian Sea Salt and Himalayan Salt infused with dook's own fruity yet grounding essential oil blend.  Created to help ease achy muscles and calm the mind.


Salt Soap: Create a rich lather by rubbing the handmade soap bar between your hands and wash with the luxurious foam. For direct application consider using a cotton soap bag to protect your skin from the mildly scratchy salt grains.

Bath Soak: Enjoy our hand-blended mixture of Sea, Rock and Epsom Salts by stirring a handful into a warm bath until fully dissolved.  Relax, soak and enjoy! This tin will give you enough for 2-3 salt baths. 

For full ingredients listings see: 

Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary & Cedar Salt Soap

Bath Soak - Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary & Cedar – Tin.


The best place to store your boxed soap is somewhere warm, dry and well ventilated. 

If your soap becomes damp, it is because the salt has absorbed atmospheric humidity. Don’t worry, it doesn't damage the soap at all but it can damage the biodegradable packaging. 

Once you’ve unwrapped your handmade soap, we recommend using a soap dish to store the bar next to your sink or shower.  All of these soap dishes will provide adequate drainage and airflow extending the life of your natural soap bar.


Handmade Salt Soap weight: 125g

Bath Soak Tin: 200g



Our salt soaps are entirely plastic-free and packaged in eye-catching boxes made from recycled coffee cups. 100% recycled and recyclable.

Our Bath Salts are packaged in a 100% Aluminium tin, reuse or recycle after use. 

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They smell amazing, bath salts are very nice.