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Bath Salts Storage Jar - Off Centre - White

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Off-centre, white ceramic jar with cork stopper created by Emma Johnson Ceramics.  

The perfect storage vessel to fill with luxurious dook Bath Soaks for use in your bathroom. 

The ideal jar to refill many times over with our fully biodegradable large Bath Soak bag.

This jar has been made by hand using a slip casting technique: using handmade moulds to cast coloured porcelain clay into different forms. 


Materials: Porcelain with transparent glaze. Unglazed base. Cork.

Approximate size: Diameter - 8.5cm, Height - 11cm

Capacity:  approximately 250g of our bath salts. 

As with all handmade items, please note that small variations and imperfections may be present and colours may vary slightly. Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended.