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Gift Set - Three Handmade Salt Soaps

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  • Save 15% on the regular price
  • Our three best-selling soaps in one bundle.
  • Three unique handmade salt soaps

Three of our best-selling soaps for £28 (A saving of £4.70)

These three soaps would make a wonderfully generous single gift, or can be split into three gifts: the ideal teacher's present, a gift for a host or for the postie... 

In this special discounted gift bundle we have:

Rosemary & Frankincense Salt Soap - Herbaceous, fresh and invigorating

Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary and Cedar Salt Soap - Fresh and citrusy with grounding woody notes

Cedar & Bitter Orange Salt Soap - Grounding, Warm & Spicy

For full ingredient listings for each of the soaps, please refer to the individual soap’s pages that can be found here.


Create a rich lather by rubbing the handmade soap bar between your hands and wash with the luxurious foam. For direct application consider using a cotton soap bag to protect your skin from the mildly scratchy salt grains.


The best place to store your boxed soap is somewhere warm, dry and well ventilated. 

If your soap becomes damp, it is because the salt has absorbed atmospheric humidity. Don’t worry, it doesn't damage the soap at all but it can damage the biodegradable packaging. 

Once you’ve unwrapped your handmade soap, we recommend using a soap dish to store the bar next to your sink or shower.  All of these soap dishes will provide adequate drainage and airflow extending the life of your natural soap bar.




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paraben free - palm oil free - cruelty-free - SLS free - water free - vegan



Our salt soaps are entirely plastic-free and packaged in eye-catching boxes made from recycled coffee cups. 100% recycled and recyclable.