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Shea Butter

Posted by Helen Atherton on

The organic, raw shea butter in our products is the most beautiful ingredient.  It's a solid mass at room temperature, but when handled it melts into a golden oil. We use the raw, unrefined organic form as it's packed full of beneficial properties including vitamins A, E, F and K, and oleic and stearic fatty acids, this shea butter feeds your skin, leaving it looking softer, smoother and improving the overall look of your skin's texture. 

raw shea butter

Shea butter adds a luxurious quality to our soaps.  It doesn't all convert into soap (saponify) when mixed with lye, so it's moisturising qualities remain in the soap. It's this that means that your hands don't feel dry when you've used one of our soaps.  There remains a tiny, imperceptible layer of shea on your skin that protects and nourishes. 

shea butter oil 

Our raw organic shea butter is particularly special as it comes from a women's co-operative run by Georgina Koomson, based in Wa in Northern Ghana.  The shea nuts are collected, dried, shelled and ground. They are then roasted to bring out the oils and hand kneaded until it becomes a smooth creamy butter.  This co-operative represents over 600 women giving economic support to a local community of over 2400 individuals.

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