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OBA Studios Soap Dish - Artist Handpainted - Limited Edition

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OBA studios present the best soap dish in the world: Rocky M.  These artist handpainted ones were inspired by dook soap and painted to respond to the graduated tonal qualities you find in our Rosemary and Frankincense soap!

The Rocky M. soap dish was created by two design entrepreneurs based in Berlin - OBA Studios.  Their aim is to make the best and most beautiful utilitarian homeware objects.  Their first mission - the best soap dish ever. 

Dook soaps are a perfect fit and the dishes are ideal for helping your salt soap last as long as possible. The zig-zag shape of Rocky M. (which refers to the US mountain range) means that each soap only touches the dish at a few points and can, therefore, be air-dried in the best possible way. 

The soap dish is made of ceramic: long-lasting, high-fired stoneware. It is hand-glazed, resulting in a beautiful organic look with the marks of the ceramicists still visible - each soap dish is unique. 

With Rocky M. you not only get the best soap dish in the world but also make a social contribution: It is handcrafted and handpainted in the Christophorus Workshops in Fürstenwalde, Germany.  This workshop trains and employs people with disabilities who would otherwise not have access to the labour market.

Rocky M. is also available in on the dook website in white, mint, speckled white, rose, and black.