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Lovisa Nail Brush by Iris Handverk - Full Size

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The Lovisa Nail Brush by IRIS HANDVERK is a double-sided nail brush in oil treated oak and Tampico fibre. 

This brush is both lovely to look at and comfortable to hold.

The bristles are made with Tampico, a fibre derived from cactuses. This material is elastic and waterproof with a certain stiffness but without becoming too abrasive; ideal for cleaning the hands and nails.

The shorter stiffer bristles on the top of the brush will effectively access and remove dirt from under the nail.

Like all Iris Hantverk brushes these have been handcrafted in Sweden by visually impaired craftspeople. Both the wood and fibre have been oil treated – use it again and again, it has been made to last. For more information see:



Handle – Oak
Bristles – Tampico Fibre



Weight: 38 g
Length: 10 cm
Width: 4 cm
Height :3cm


Handmade – Plastic Free - Vegan



Allow the brush to dry on its front to allow water to flow away from the wood.